Today's Birthday

  • Amelia Mary Earhart (1897)
    Amelia Mary Earhart (1897)

    After attending an air show in 1920, Earhart, who had previously worked as a military nurse and a social worker, decided she wanted to become a pilot. She bought her first plane the following year. In 1928, she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger, and four years later, she became the first female pilot to make the trip solo. In 1937, her plane mysteriously vanished over the Pacific as she and a copilot attempted to circumnavigate the globe. What happened to them?

  • Emil Jannings (1884)
    Emil Jannings (1884)

    Jannings was an acclaimed silent film actor who, in 1929, won an Academy Award for best actor—becoming the first person presented with an Oscar. He earned the award for his performances in two films, one of which, The Way of All Flesh, is now considered a "lost film" since no copies of it are known to exist. The advent of sound in film effectively ended his Hollywood career, as he had a thick German accent. What scandalous association doomed any chance he later had of making a comeback?

  • Edward Hopper (1882)
    Edward Hopper (1882)

    Hopper was an American painter who supported himself as a commercial illustrator until he gained recognition in the mid-1920s with his now-iconic scenes of American life. His dramatically lit works often feature still, anonymous figures inside geometric buildings and evoke a haunting sense of isolation that was his hallmark. His famous Nighthawks depicts a mostly empty, brightly lit diner on an otherwise dark, desolate street at night. What was said to be Hopper's favorite thing to paint?