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  • Gottlieb Daimler (1834)
    Gottlieb Daimler (1834)

    The mechanical experiments of German engineer, inventor, and pioneer automobile manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler aroused so much suspicion that, at one point, the police raided his workshop in Stuttgart, Germany, expecting to find a counterfeiting operation. They found only engines, as Daimler had been working on improvements to the internal combustion engine that would play a major role in the development of the automobile industry. He sold his first automobile in 1892. What was his famous motto?

  • Rosa Bonheur (1822)
    Rosa Bonheur (1822)

    One of the most famous female painters of the 19th century, Bonheur was trained by her father—an art teacher—and began regularly exhibiting her work at the Paris Salon in 1841. Her unsentimental paintings of animals became very popular, particularly in England and the US, and her most famous painting, The Horse Fair, gained her an international reputation. Who gave her formal permission to dress as a man so that she could study horses at the actual Horse Fair in Paris?

  • Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (1852)
    Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (1852)

    Although she was born a member of the upper class, which traditionally identified with British rule in Ireland, Gregory embraced Irish cultural nationalism and became an extremely important figure of the Irish literary revival. She collected and published several volumes of Irish folk tales, wrote and translated dozens of plays, and directed multiple theater companies. The name of Irish author Denis Johnston's play The Old Lady Says No! refers to what incident involving Gregory?