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Example Sentences

  • Armstrong, who did not stop for reporters after the stage, finished in 54th place.

  • Purnima on 54th is still empty, despite Gordon Ramsay’s help [Zagat]

  • Apr 26th, 2010 at 11: 13 am ceh: but there are tons of commercial vehicles outside any given day (on the far side of 54th, which is where Schnitz was) … why is a big, well-known vendor truck a greater threat than unmarked, white windowless vans or delivery trucks that frequently park there?

  • The 54th was the only regiment of Colored men in the brigade, and to it was assigned the post of honor and danger in the front of the attacking column.

  • The pattern continued, and today, what is now known as 54th and Monon Shops features more than a dozen different businesses, selling items ranging from fresh flowers and veggies to visual and culinary arts.

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