• (proper-noun): A male given name.

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Casimir is an English, French and Latin form of the Polish name Kazimierz. Feminine forms are: Casimira, Kazimiera.

Example Sentences

  • I don’t like getting bogged down in Casimir effects and cloning and whatever techno-crap they like to wrap their science in.

  • At such short distances, a quantum-mechanical effect known as the Casimir force – which is too weak to be seen at distances greater than a micrometer – becomes significant.

  • Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, have worked out a way of reversing this pheneomenon, known as the Casimir force, so that it repels instead of attracts.

  • The closest scientists have come is a phenomenon called the Casimir effect, wherein empty space between two conducting plates behaves as if it contains negative energy.

  • Having gathered her data, Sula called Casimir and told him she needed him to set up a meeting with Sergius.

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