• (noun): A believer in Darwinism, the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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Example Sentences

  • The term Darwinist is as loaded a term as you can drop in the debate.

  • So I'll continue to use the term Darwinist for convenience, as the Darwinists always have among themselves, unless they begin to - consensually - call themselves by another specific name.

  • Darwinian evolutionists used the terms Darwinist/Darwinism, or sometimes neo-Darwinist/neo-Darwinism, comfortably among themselves for many years.

  • I was the sole skeptical - and "Darwinist" - member of an ad hoc "Origins Committee" which had organized this debate; the other committee members were actively involved in the campus chapter of the Campus Crusade for Christ.

  • Hitler was not a 'Darwinist' - he was a creationist.

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