• Hulse, Russell Alan Born 1950. American physicist. He shared a 1993 Nobel Prize for the discovery of a new type of pulsar.

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Hulse is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Cale Hulse, Canadian hockey player
Chuck Hulse (born 1927), American racecar driver
David Hulse (born 1968), American baseball player
Edward Henry Hulse (1859 — 1903), British politician.
Frank Hulse (1913 — 1992), founder and former chairman of Southern Airways.
John Hulse, English theologian
Mark Hulse, an English fitness guru and currently appointed Fitness Coach at Newcastle United
Michael Hulse, British translator and poet
Russell Alan Hulse, American physicist
Rob Hulse, a professional footballer, currently playing for Queens Park Rangers F.C.
Samuel Hulse (1747/8 — 1831) British Field Marshal

Example Sentences

  • With just two seconds left in Hulse's five-minute major,

  • At last we arrive in Belize we are staying at a rented apartment block known as the Hulse Apartments owned and manged by Dean Hulse.

  • Congress will likely pass another three-week funding extension, reports Carl Hulse: With little hope of a budget deal being reached before the end of next week, House Republicans are preparing another short-term spending measure to give the House and Senate a chance to come to agreement over a broader plan to keep the government operating through Sept. 30.

  • Leaving aside the bizarre opaqueness of the language here -- why doesn't Hulse just say that they categorically refused to accept any tax increases -- it's remarkable that Hulse does not consider it part of his job to provide any context or critique at all of the Tea Partiers' position on deficits.

  • How is it then that Hulse can write a straight-faced memo about the GOP's desire to bring fiscal sanity to the country without so much as hinting that there are reasons to doubt the party's integrity on these issues?

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