• (adjective): Containing an Rh factor.

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  • (adjective): of persons (or their blood) having the Rh factor present in their red blood cells

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Example Sentences

  • For the 12 percent of pregnant women in the United States who have Rh-negative blood type -- and particularly for the small fraction of these women who make antibodies that can attack their fetus' blood if it's Rh-positive -- this test is a godsend.

  • If you are Rh-negative and you were carrying an Rh-positive fetus, there is a small chance that you have been exposed to Rh-positive blood cells from the fetal tissue during the miscarriage.

  • The test determines whether you have developed antibodies that could cross the placenta and harm your baby if the baby is Rh-positive.

  • This determines whether your blood is Rh-negative you do not have Rh protein on your red blood cells or Rh-positive.

  • The RhoGAM prevents your immune system from making antibodies that can cause anemia in your baby if the baby is Rh-positive.

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