Example Sentences

  • Alas, the machine was either too mechanically complex for the time, or the financial and political will were lacking, and the first digital, programmable, and Turing-complete machine, the Zuse Z3, would not be built until 1941.

  • Not everything needs to converge to become a Free and Open, Turing-complete, net-neutral web machine.

  • It seems like an abuse of the term to call a standards-compliant web browser like Safari running on a Turing-complete operating system like Mac OS X “gated communities”.

  • However, I have heard of ENIAC, which, as Wikipedia puts it, was "the first purely electronic, Turing-complete, digital computer capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems".

  • Ultimately, computer languages help us operate Turing machines, which means that any Turing-complete language will allow you to do anything you want, contingent on effort.

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