• (noun): Common misspelling of Wookiee.

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Wookie may refer to:

Wookie (musician), a UK garage musician
The Louisiana Wookie, also known as the Honey Island Swamp Monster

Example Sentences

  • | Reply for a minute there i actually thought it would be all in Wookie-language … but maybe that’s just me

  • Most of the action is with the Chewie household and much of the dialogue is in un-subtitled Wookie speak.

  • FLop ran himself out of Washington and no one really missed him, but The Wookie is a entirely different story.

  • A police sharpshooter, told to take out a man in a bear disguise, shoots a man in a "Wookie" costume instead, allowing Omar to escape for the time being.

  • When it asked him "What was the name of the 'Wookie' in Star Wars?"

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