• (adverb): in an adiabatic way.

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Example Sentences

  • And it is the nature of these interactions that generate the photons and/or phonons that carry away energy unless the system is adiabatically enclosed; in which case those photons are returned to the system and transfer their energy back into the matter.

  • If you're a member of the Thermodynamic Law Party: Without institutionalized marriage keeping open the possibility of energy exchange with the rest of society, gay couples will become adiabatically closed systems, preventing them from importing negentropy and thereby increasing, not decreasing, the entropy of such non-traditional but long-standing family units.

  • A bipolar outflow of hot gas quickly forms on the metric axis, and aside from the lobes edges behaves much like any adiabatically cooling flow in the equatorial direction.

  • In this case, potential temperature, the temperature of a packet of air returned from a given altitude adiabatically to the surface, is constant.

  • The standard lapse rate is primarily governed by the Earths gravity because as air rises it expands adiabatically as the air pressure reduces.

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