• (adjective): Alternative spelling of etiological.

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  • (adjective): relating to the etiology of a disease; "etiological agent"
  • (adjective): of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

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Example Sentences

  • Because it does not influence the substrata of the diseased manifestations, the cells and organs, but only the cause of the disease, I call it aetiological therapy, which comes to approximately the same thing as the therapeutic endeavours which are referred to in other quarters as causal, radical, abortive, etc.

  • It is generally accepted by chiros that back pain is multi factorial and can arise from a multitude of aetiological factors just like the medics.

  • Incidentally, demon possession 'may also be an aetiological factor in some non-psychiatric conditions' - although there is no mention of which ones.

  • The CMF has a guidance section on its website called Demon Possession and Mental Illness which asks if doctors should 'see demonic influence as being a neglected aetiological factor within a multifactorial model for the aetiology of mental disorder?'

  • According to Israëls, writes Rycroft, Schreber's father "was not as famous and influential as both Schatzman and Freud had assumed, was not such a paragon as Freud had assumed or as vicious as Schatzman had painted him, and neither Freud's nor Schatzman's aetiological theories stand up to critical scrutiny."

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