• (noun): Agnus Dei.

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Agnus (Latin for lamb) can be used to refer to :
Agnus Dei (Latin: \"Lamb of God\")
referring to Jesus Christ as divine sacrificial lamb
an early prayer of the breviary

Places and jurisdictions
Agnus (Egypt), an Ancient city and former bishopric in Aegyptus Primus, now a Latin Catholic titular see
Agnus scythicus, Latin for Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, a mythologic lamb-plant
Agnus (beetle), a stag beetle genus
Vitex agnus-castus, a Mediterranean plant
MOS Technology Agnus, an integrated circuit in the OCS chipset of the Commodore Amiga computer

Example Sentences

  • The phrase agnus dei qui tolis pecata mundi is used as an incantation in which every word more or less incomprehensible has a sacred character so that if one should say that he despises qui tolis, it would be considered a blasphemy because the Qui Tolis is something sacred or divine.

  • Thomas's choice of the word agnus here serves several purposes.

  • As in the term agnus Dei, it provides another parallel to Christ as sacrifice on the Cross and in the Mass; as the lamb of the exodus, the original lamb of God, it refers to ritual slaughtering during Passover; and, on a more literal level, as a lamb, the offspring of the sheep, it is the vulnerable child in need of protection.

  • -- Chaste-tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is a shrub that can be cut hard in winter, leaving 6 - to 10-inch woody stubs.

  • Most Catholic sacramentals, such as relics, agnus deis and medals, were proscribed as being "papist superstitions."

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