• (noun): Agnus Dei.

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Agnus (Latin for lamb) can be used to refer to :

Example Sentences

  • The phrase agnus dei qui tolis pecata mundi is used as an incantation in which every word more or less incomprehensible has a sacred character so that if one should say that he despises qui tolis, it would be considered a blasphemy because the Qui Tolis is something sacred or divine.

  • Thomas's choice of the word agnus here serves several purposes.

  • As in the term agnus Dei, it provides another parallel to Christ as sacrifice on the Cross and in the Mass; as the lamb of the exodus, the original lamb of God, it refers to ritual slaughtering during Passover; and, on a more literal level, as a lamb, the offspring of the sheep, it is the vulnerable child in need of protection.

  • -- Chaste-tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is a shrub that can be cut hard in winter, leaving 6 - to 10-inch woody stubs.

  • Most Catholic sacramentals, such as relics, agnus deis and medals, were proscribed as being "papist superstitions."

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