• (verb): Present participle of alarm.
  • (adjective): causing apprehension, fear or alarm; frightening

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  • (adjective): frightening because of an awareness of danger

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Example Sentences

  • He also expressed concern at what he called the alarming deterioration of the public service.

  • "It depends on what you call alarming," the Indian said coldly.

  • In the face of what she called an "alarming trend towards ever-bigger data breaches," Ms. Stoddart said she now plans to ask Industry Canada to rewrite that proposed legislation to give her the power to impose fines - powers that privacy officials have in Britain and France.

  • But one professional mediator who offered his services for free at last month's meeting thought better of it after some board members refused, and he got what he described as alarming glares from residents.

  • Enemies around the world growing in alarming numbers

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