• (adjective): Of or pertaining to alleles
  • (adjective): Of or pertaining to alleles of the same gene

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  • (adjective): of or relating to alleles

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Example Sentences

  • The researchers used a technique that measures for what is known as allelic mRNA expression imbalance, which was developed in the Pharmacogenomics Core Lab, Program in Pharmacogenomics directed by Wolfgang Sadee, a co-author of this paper and a professor and chair of pharmacology at Ohio State.

  • This phenomenon, known as allelic imbalance, causes differences in the levels of mRNA expression.

  • Glutathione S-transferase P1 * C allelic variant increases susceptibility for late-onset Alzheimer's disease: Association study and relationship with Apolipoprotein E4 allele.

  • Researchers Susan Lolle and Robert Pruitt encountered phenotypic traits not according with inheritance concepts derived from Mendel; leading them to contemplate whether the plants they were working with might revert to their grandparents 'allelic frequency.

  • Would this indicate that if Dr. Lenski were to blend 4 or 5 of his different lines of non-Citrate-metabolizing bacteria, thus creating a population with a greatly increased allelic variety, then he would expect the ability to metabolize citrate to evolve faster than it was able to otherwise?

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