• (noun): The property of being allergenic.

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Example Sentences

  • If you've got an allergic kid, you probably don't want to meet the one pet likely to best the cat for its allergenicity.

  • Yet, unlike the strict safety evaluations for approval of new drugs, there are no mandatory human clinical trials of GE crops, no tests for carcinogenicity or harm to fetuses, no long term testing for human health risks, no requirement for long-term testing on animals, and limited testing for allergenicity, with some studies PDF raising concerns that GE foods may pose an allergen risk.

  • As you know, Secretary Vilsack, there is controversy around the allergenicity associated with this new technology which created tension back in 2002 at a government meeting of the Food Biotechnology Subcommittee of the Food Advisory Committee in which the committee's acting chair, Edward N. Brandt, Jr., M.D., Ph.

  • FDA owes it to the thousands of Americans who are allergic to finfish to demand more data on the allergenicity of these engineered salmon from AquaBounty.

  • Put simply, these dated tests cannot determine the salmon's full allergenicity and toxicity.

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