• (noun): a projection of the auricle of the ear extending to the tragus

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The antitragus is a feature of mammalian ear anatomy.
In humans, it is a small tubercle on the visible part of the ear; the pinna. The antitragus is located just above the earlobe and points anteriorly. It is separated from the tragus by the intertragic notch.
The antitragicus muscle, an intrinsic muscle of the ear, arises from the outer part of the antitragus.The antitragus can be much larger in some other species, most notably bats.

Example Sentences

  • Across the intertragical notch is the prominence known as the antitragus, part of the stiff cartilaginous shelf from which hangs the fleshy auricular lobule earlobe.

  • The different parts of the first division, or external ear, are described by anatomists under the name of the helix, antihelix, tragus, antitragus, the lobe, cavitas innominata, the scapha, and the concha.

  • Opposite the tragus, and separated from it by the intertragic notch, is a small tubercle, the antitragus.

  • On the tragus and antitragus the hairs are strong and numerous.

  • The Antitragicus arises from the outer part of the antitragus, and is inserted into the cauda helicis and antihelix.

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