• (adverb): in an apocalyptic manner
  • (adverb): in a manner portending future disaster, devastation and doom

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Example Sentences

  • Aren't these worthy of scrutiny, to show voters not, perhaps, what John McCain secretly believes, but the kind of apocalyptically dangerous thinking he's willing to validate to get the shock troops to for vote for him?

  • Are we to assume that this statement is made 'apocalyptically'? i.e. that he likens his own

  • "The key to the John Ziegler Show," says the angry, outraged, and apocalyptically gleeful talk-radio host John Ziegler, "is that I am almost completely real."

  • I will venture that sometimes writers write the apocalyptically good sex scene because of what Russell identifies: the lazy presumption (unless it is written by Anais Nin) that the character is a thin flirt of a disguise for the writer.

  • The Bank of England has apocalyptically described the danger we face as a "very significant catastrophe risk."

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