• (verb): Simple past tense and past participle of apportion.

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  • (adjective): given out in portions

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Example Sentences

  • One of the greatest hindrances to the success of our schools is the inability, or the unwillingness, of some patrons to supply their children with text-books, and the disposition on the part of some District School Committees not to teach out the whole term apportioned in one continued term, but to stop the schools whenever the children are needed for farm work, and teach out the balance of their apportionment at another time.

  • The Constitution required that any capitation tax be apportioned, meaning that every person in a given state had to pay the same amount.

  • Thus emerged the concept of an "apportioned" tax, or as it is called when applied to the problem of property valuation, the "unit rule," which till 1938 afforded the Court its chief reliance in the field of

  • Also, while Congress can impose a national capitation or property tax [ "direct tax"], to do so it must be "apportioned" which in point of fact means that the tax cannot be imposed.

  • Enbridge has "apportioned" capacity on much of its crude network, which means it has restricted how much companies can ship on its pipe.

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