• (noun): A BIRO brand ballpoint pen.
  • (noun): Any ballpoint pen.
  • (noun): Ink from a ballpoint pen.

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  • (noun): a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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Bíró is a Hungarian surname meaning \"judge\". Notable people with the name include:

Anton Biró (fl. 1854), one of the initial partners in Vienna company eventually known as Waagner-Biro
Gyula Bíró (1890–1961), Hungarian Olympic football player
László Bíró (1899–1985), inventor of the ballpoint pen
Lajos Bíró (1880–1948), novelist, playwright, and screenwriter
Charles Biro (1911–1972), comic book writer
Sari Biro (1912–1990), pianist
Val Biro (1921–2014), children's writer and artist

Example Sentences

  • She seemed to have Lord Mark Malloch-Brown's name biro'ed on her proverbial sleeve.

  • Redtabby - "biro" is used in England to mean a ballpoint pen.

  • When my children were young, I used to attach a little tag or a piece of white cotton ribbon - to scissors for ex - and write with black Bic biro the place where the object had to be returned to.

  • I kinda agree that it ould have being easier if God got a biro to write those books by self

  • I bet if God had a biro things would have been different but men wrote those books.

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