• (noun): Heraldry The art of properly and accurately describing or representing armorial bearings.
  • (noun): Heraldry A coat of arms.
  • (noun): An ostentatious display.

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  • (noun): the official symbols of a family, state, etc.

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Example Sentences

  • Philippe, son of France, take your place on that bed; Philippe, sole king of France, resume the blazonry which is yours!

  • The blazonry of the huge escutcheon met and returned the rays with as brilliant a reflection as that lugubrious object was capable of, and the whole apartment looked with

  • Have not these the raven and rook, the fox and the fulmart, explained; either because the nature of the birds or beasts bear an individual resemblance to those of the knights who display them on their banners, or otherwise are bodied forth by actual blazonry on their shields, and come openly into the field to ravage and destroy?

  • “I understand one sort of blazonry as well as another,” answered Rouge Sanglier boldly, “but it may be we have not the same terms in Germany which you have here in Flanders.”

  • He had destroyed the remnants of the old peel-house, substituting the modern mansion in its place; and while he reserved the hearth of his ancestors, in memory of their hospitality, as also the, pious motto which they had chanced to assume, he failed not to obliterate the worldly and military emblems displayed upon the shield and helmet, together with all their blazonry.

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