• (verb): Present participle of boomerang.

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Example Sentences

  • Although, his reply that she could do some completely rando song, Dave Bowie or something, and make it original sent that shakalaka boomeranging back to ol 'Blunderbloomers up there on stage.

  • Gen Yers may spend the next few years leaving home, "boomeranging" back and leaving home again before establishing their own homes.

  • The anti Washington anti democrat feeling they have been stating is boomeranging back on them.

  • The introduction in 2008 of a ball change after 35 overs has also tilted the balance of power back towards the fielding side, since the new ball is more conducive to swing bowling—the black magic art that gets the ball boomeranging through the air.

  • Old Giggs has justified the lull of mid‑Giggs, and formed a boomeranging reinforcement of early Giggs.

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