• (adjective): Emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; shining.
  • (adjective): Comparatively high on the scale of brightness.
  • (adjective): Full of light or illumination: a bright sunny day; a stage bright with spotlights.
  • (adjective): Characterizing a dyestuff that produces a highly saturated color; brilliant.
  • (adjective): Glorious; splendid: one of the bright stars of stage and screen; a bright moment in history.
  • (adjective): Full of promise and hope; auspicious: had a bright future in publishing.
  • (adjective): Happy; cheerful: bright faces.
  • (adjective): Animatedly clever; intelligent.
  • (adjective): High and clear: the bright sound of the trumpet section.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (adjective): likely to turn out well in the future; "had a bright future in publishing"; "the scandal threatened an abrupt end to a promising political career"; "a hopeful new singer on Broadway"
  • (adjective): characterized by happiness or gladness; "bright faces"; "all the world seems bright and gay"
  • (adjective): clear and sharp and ringing; "the bright sound of the trumpet section"; "the brilliant sound of the trumpets"
  • (adjective): not made dim or less bright; "undimmed headlights"; "surprisingly the curtain started to rise while the houselights were still undimmed"
  • (adjective): splendid; "the bright stars of stage and screen"; "a bright moment in history"; "the bright pageantry of court"
  • (adjective): made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow; "bright silver candlesticks"; "a burnished brass knocker"; "she brushed her hair until it fell in lustrous auburn waves"; "rows of shining glasses"; "shiny black patents"
  • (adjective): having lots of light either natural or artificial; "the room was bright and airy"; "a stage bright with spotlights"
  • (adjective): characterized by quickness and ease in learning; "some children are brighter in one subject than another"; "smart children talk earlier than the average"
  • (adjective): having strong or striking color; "bright dress"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"
  • (adjective): emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"
  • (adverb): with brightness; "the stars shone brilliantly"; "the windows glowed jewel bright"

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Example Sentences

  • The noun form of the term bright refers to a person whose worldview is naturalistic--free of supernatural and mystical elements.

  • His smile melted slowly, and with it went all that had made his expression bright and young.

  • The word "bright" suggests that James is almost assuredly thinking not just of any picture of Venice, but of Canaletto's Venice.

  • So that green little strip that moved on through there, that's probably what we call bright banding on the radar.

  • And it would give back a very different signature, because most metal containers give back a very distinctive, very what they call bright signature, or a pang, whereas a human body, the return on the signal is not as strong.

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