• (noun): The characteristic of being broad.

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  • (noun): the property of being wide; having great width

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Example Sentences

  • They listened with edification to the racy remarks of their hostess, voicing that theoretical "broadness" of opinion as to the conduct of life which, quite as much as the perfume which she always used, was a specialty of her provocative personality; they spoke now and then, to be sure, as she drew them into conversation, but their real intercourse was almost altogether silent.

  • Moreover, the very indeterminateness of the dialect, the possibility of using varying degrees of "broadness," increased the facility of rhyming, and added notably to the ease and spontaneity of composition.

  • After Andreas saw the work going into the Genie and some of the other characters in Aladdin, he realized he couldn’t compete with that kind of broadness, so he decided to underplay Jafar.

  • My only real complaint is that too many of the parts are acted with all-but-cartoonish broadness.

  • "Art," as I understand the term in its broadness, contradistinguishes from nature.

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