• (noun): Plural form of bulbul.

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From the plural form: This is a redirect from a plural noun to its singular form. Either {{R from plural}} or {{R to singular}} may be used to tag plural redirects.
This redirect link is used for convenience; it is often preferable to add the plural directly after the link (for example, [[link]]s). However, do not replace these redirected links with a simpler link unless the page is updated for another reason (see WP:NOTBROKEN).
Use this rcat to tag only mainspace redirects; when plural forms are found in other namespaces, use {{R from modification}} instead.

Example Sentences

  • He heard doves cooing, the whistling of bulbuls, and the complex song of the shama, which Rain had commented on.

  • Among land birds is a rich assortment consisting of warblers, babblers, bee-eaters, bulbuls, buntings, chats, partridges and quails.

  • Every Asian Glossy Starling and Purple-backed Starling, Common Myna and White-vented Myna has passed the word and arrived to feast, not to mention the local orioles and bulbuls.

  • From her window she could see sociable tufted bulbuls trilling to each other from different branches of the bakul tree.

  • Shanti made herself open her eyes and look at the alert-eyed bulbuls on the bakul tree to empty her mind of the images that crowded it.

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