• (noun): A light steel helmet with a peak and hinged flaps covering the cheeks, worn in the 16th century.

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The burgonet helmet (sometimes called a burgundian sallet) was a Renaissance-era and early modern combat helmet. It was the successor of the sallet.

Example Sentences

  • In its normal form the burgonet was a large roomy cap with a brim shading the eyes, cheek-pieces or flaps, a comb, and a guard for the back of the neck.

  • The Baron resumed his favourite topic — ‘However it may please you to derogate from the honour of your burgonet, Colonel Talbot, which is doubtless your humour, as I have seen in other gentlemen of birth and honour in your country, I must again repeat it as a most ancient and distinguished bearing, as well as that of my young friend Francis Stanley, which is the eagle and child.’

  • At the tip of the steel wedge Conan roared his heathen battle-cry and swung his great sword in glittering arcs that made naught of steel burgonet or mail habergeon.

  • One head wearing a blue-glass burgonet with draggled golden plumes was impaled on the pike of its own standard.

  • His ancient burgonet the boar; &c. “Cambridge Portfolio,” vol. i., pp. 233, 234.

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