• (verb): Present participle of carol.
  • (noun): A singing of carols.

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Example Sentences

  • Even in dour Scotland, with its hatred of religious festivals, some kind of carolling survived here and there among Highland folk, and a remarkable and very "Celtic" Christmas song has been translated from the

  • Harry loved his sister very dearly, but he was not inclined to "carolling;" and the repression and constraint were soon evident through all the conventional efforts to be "merry."

  • We have the two carolling CDs and the silent movie.

  • From among the gloomy spruces came the light carolling of Fairfax's voice.

  • The 20,000ft Hackney Downs Studios is a hell of a space to work with, and it's commendable that this quickfire festival has opted for a fresh approach to filling it as opposed to traipsing down the weary old route of lights, plastic reindeer, carolling, and the obligatory fat man in red suit.

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