• (noun): A Canadian-French equivalent of shanty.

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Example Sentences

  • Chaos, disorder, bouleversement, * confusion, scuffle (and even bordel) * are all synonyms to the French word "chantier."

  • Chaos, disorder, bouleversement,* confusion, scuffle and even bordel* are all synonyms to the French word "chantier."

  • References: best friend = (see Susan's bio here); shon-tee-ay = pronunciation for "chantier" (construction site); Rouge-Bleu = nickname for my friend (also the name of our vineyard); la tristesse (f) = sadness

  • Hope you are doing well …. will take over you home friday while maman is at CGI, Melissa at WalMart, Mathieu au chantier et papoute en “congé pédagogique” (déjà).

  • Terms & Expressions: chantier de bois = timber-yard chantier de construction navale = shipyard les chantiers de la marine = the dock-yards être en chantier = to be under construction chantier (in Canadian French) = lumberjack's headquarters

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