• (noun): The Withania coagulans, a solanaceous shrub of Afghanistan and northern India, the fruit of which has the property of coagulating milk, and is employed instead of rennet, the latter being objectionable to the natives on religious grounds.

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Example Sentences

  • Go and interview the baker ... chat up the cheese-maker.

  • In the end, listeners on Sunday heard unmarried cheese-maker Helen Archer, pregnant with her first baby through IVF, give birth to a healthy son after an emergency cesarean.

  • This year they have expanded Harvest to take place both at Jimmy's and at the home of Blur bassist Alex James, the rock star turned cheese-maker who famously said: "My 20th birthday party was all about booze, my 30th birthday was about drugs, and now I realise that my 40s are about food."

  • "It's almost as if she's hovering over us," says Bill Hogan, an American-born cheese-maker who befriended the Frenchwoman on her regular visits to the area.

  • But it was as head cheese-maker in Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys that he first entered public consciousness.

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