• (noun): Someone who sells cheese.

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  • (noun): someone who sells cheese

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Cheesemonger may refer to:

A tradesperson who specializes in cheese
A nickname for a member of the 1st Regiment of Life Guards, a regiment in the British Army

Example Sentences

  • After all, to complain that McEwan, Barnes & Co aren't living up to the legacy of British modernism is a little like complaining that the cheesemonger has run out of chalk.

  • It took us ages to pick our way through the crowded streets down to the Strand, and along the way I spoke to strangers, something Rose wishes I would not do, sang a May Day song with Mr. Lake, the cheesemonger, and ate sugared almond comfits until I felt ill.

  • The cheesemonger was bringing up an armful of waxy wrapped cheeses from his cold storage below, and the flower seller was winding together bushy bundles of creamy pink roses.

  • Saxelby a Day A-Whey beloved local cheesemonger leads foodie day trips to NY dairy farms

  • He had been a cheesemonger, but failure in business and poverty had driven him into the workhouse, whither his wife had refused to accompany him.

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