• (noun): Variant of choragus.

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Example Sentences

  • The benefactor of a chorus was called a choregus, and generally was a wealthy man who paid a teacher and trainer to drill the chorus.

  • *] The five public judges announce their decision: an ivy wreath to the victorious poet; to his "choregus" (the rich man who has provided his chorus and who shares his glory) the right to set up a monumnet in honor of the victory.

  • Therefore go and sacrifice the sheep in the house, cut off the legs and bring them here; thus the carcase will be saved for the choregus.

  • At Lacedaemon the choregus himself played on the flute; and it was so common at

  • Athens that almost every freeman understood it, as is evident from the tablet which Thrasippus dedicated when he was choregus; but afterwards they rejected it as dangerous; having become better judges of what tended to promote virtue and what did not.

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