• (noun): Obsolete or dialectal (Scotch) preterit and past participle of clatch.
  • (noun): A catch; a hold: as, I took a claught o' him.

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Example Sentences

  • It was a braw spring morn, and Tam whustled as he claught in the young geese.

  • But that was her; and she was married again upon my Uncle Robin, and went with him awhile to kirk and market; and then wearied, or else her friends got claught of her and talked her round, or maybe she turned ashamed; at the least of it, she ran away, and went back to her own folk, and said we had held her in the lake, and I will never tell you all what.

  • There cam a gowst of wind, claught her by the coats, and awa 'wi' her bag and baggage.

  • Ba'weary but she gart somebody lowp for it that day; they couldnae say ae thing but she could say twa to it; till, at the hinder end, the guidwives up and claught haud of her, and clawed the coats aff her back, and pu'd her doun the clachan to the water o 'Dule, to see if she were

  • It's not made of iron, I wot, nor my claithes of chenzie-mail; so a club smashed the tane, and a claught damaged the tither.

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