• (noun): A room used for meetings or activities of a club.

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  • (noun): a room used for the activities of a club

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Example Sentences

  • The Imperial is severe, but the Super Chief, with its mile-long cabin and "clubroom"-themed backseat, is excessive to the point of being farcical.

  • A lot of scenes that were evidently grafted into the Jacobson/Colón “Report” to make it more interesting to look at set off the “bogus” alarm, like a panel in which a pair of FBI agents bring in three handcuffed, tattooed, smirking punks, declaring, “Their so-called clubroom was loaded with horse” — what, have we just stumbled into an episode of “CSI”?

  • In the clubroom was a large fireplace in which a wood fire burned during the sessions.

  • This extravagant pickup prototype has an enormous, almost Maybach-sized rear seat with a "clubroom" theme.

  • Mess over, they adjourned to the "clubroom," a large room, roughly but comfortably furnished with homemade easy chairs, benches and tables, and supplied with all the reading matter in camp.

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