• (noun): The state or quality of being composed.

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Example Sentences

  • Now, in a while, the Maid did come to composedness, and to be very gentle and sweetly natural.

  • He speaks to them as believers, as disconsolate, dejected believers, quickening their faith by exhortations; and gives them this promise as a solid foundation of peace and composedness of spirit, which he exhorted them unto.

  • It was remarkable that he spoke this with great composedness and seeming cheerfulness.

  • During the space he remained in prison under condemnation he behaved with so much gravity, piety and composedness, as surprised all who saw him, many of whom were inclined to think his case hard.

  • As he was going to the place of execution, he still looked graver and mote concerned; though he did not fall into those agonies of sighing and tears as some do, but seemed to bear his miserable state with great composedness and resignation, saying he had repented as well as he could in the short time allowed him, suffering the same day with the two last mentioned malefactors.

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