• (preposition): In contrast or opposition to; against.
  • (adverb): In opposition to something stated or expected; to the contrary.

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  • (noun): a member of the guerrilla force that opposed a left-wing government in Nicaragua

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Example Sentences

  • Or would it produce an effect that was only nebulously hinted at by the term contra-attunement?

  • Most interestingly, however, they ALL have a deep and abiding believe in contra-causal free will.

  • (There might have been a subsequent remark about the CIA guy's wife involving the word contra, but Billy claims that was another button man imitating him over a walkie-talkie).

  • The gondoliers, chanting for a fare as they stood at the foot of the bridge in contra posto poses.

  • HERE IS THE LAST PARAGRAPH: The lesson of Iran/contra is that if our system of government is to function properly, the branches of government must deal with one another honestly and cooperatively.

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