• (adjective): superlative form of craggy: most craggy.

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Example Sentences

  • A tall and sinewy freestyle climber, Mr. Albert ascended some of the world's craggiest mountain faces without the aid of ropes, pitons or anchors.

  • Unfortunately, though, one of the craggiest niches for Anna to occupy is among her Christian friends.

  • “Well, I spent all the money I had left in the world on gas, so you can imagine how nervous I was driving up the craggiest, most tree-tangled canyon in Hollywood—”

  • The waters between pour over the right-hand and left-hand summit, rushing down and uniting among the craggiest and abruptest of rocks.

  • Assembled below are a collection of bottles sure to bring a smile to even the craggiest face, and a few accessories aimed at helping any type of man in your life enjoy a great drink this holiday season.

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