• (noun): Alternative form of cream cake.

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Example Sentences

  • They're not really building a giant creamcake hotel that sings how funky is my chicken.

  • "I didn't know the creamcake was going to make him sick."

  • Conover's, laden with a large creamcake, a half dozen éclairs, a box of

  • The breakout stars of the red carpet last night were Saiorse Ronan, who radiated an Alice in Wonderland freshness in her creamcake Burberry ruffles, and Romola Garai, who scored fashion points by backing hot London Fashion Week designer Erdem (also a favourite of Sarah Brown), whose catwalk show takes place tomorrow.

  • This entry was posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 9: 20 am and is filed under btw, your creamcake camera's mic okay ady anot? did you manage to save it = O? I'm inlove with hair bun also .. once mastered, cant get it off liao … especially when u have limited time & bad hair day …

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