• (noun): The state of being creamy

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  • (noun): the property of having the thickness of heavy cream

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Example Sentences

  • Peter M., for me, the creaminess is the best thing about risotto and, you are right, the squash really adds to it.

  • I agree that the maison hot chocolate is good … but even the semisweet one is too rich (in creaminess, not sweetness) for me to finish by myself.

  • This one was long on vegetables and short on eggs: that'd been the intent, calorie-wise, but I missed the extra egg, missed the extra creaminess from a bit of cheese.

  • The picture you see here is of the leftovers, taken the next day, and by this time, most of the creaminess has been absorbed into the rice.

  • It just goes with my hair and complexion beautifully, bringing out the red-brown shades and what Miss Oliver calls my 'creaminess' so well.

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