• (verb): Present participle of crinkle.
  • (noun): The act or sound or something being crinkled.

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Example Sentences

  • Fairly unmemorable, though I do recall crinkling my nose and not finishing the glass.

  • And there were a lot of eyebrows - a lot of raised eyebrows that didn't show any kind of crinkling of the forehead.

  • The female condom, being polyurethane, makes a disconcerting "crinkling" noise during intercourse, and looks like a frat party joke.

  • Anecdotal evidence from friends suggests that no matter how much delicious food we prepare with our kids, it's almost impossible to avoid advertising that equates falling leaves with crinkling Mars Bar wrappers.

  • Caleb stroked it again, his eyes crinkling as he gave me a friendly smile.

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