• (noun): A copper coin struck in Spain for circulation in Manila, current as the 160th part of a dollar.
  • (noun): A measure of land in Buenos Ayres, since 1870 one fourth of a hectare.

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Cuarto is Spanish for \"fourth\", and may refer to:

Cuarto (Ponce), a barrio of the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Cuarto River (sometimes even Río Cuarto River, even though río means \"river\"), a river in Argentina that gave its name to:
Río Cuarto, Córdoba
Río Cuarto craters, Argentina
Cuarto milenio, a TV program on the TV channel Cuatro
Cuarto (coin), an obsolete Spanish coin

Example Sentences

  • One of the former occasionally stimulates the activity of the latter by a stroke of the "cuarto" (mule-whip).

  • Lately, white potatoes have been an exception, (and almost always starchy) at $26 pesos a kilo, IIRC, and garlic at a price per cuarto kg. that gives one pause.

  • Several years ago, having had to leave Mexico City for a time (my father was dying, and I had to return to the U.S.), when I came back, I needed a place quickly and rented a cuarto in Mexico City with the landlord from Hell.

  • For a couple of months, I lived in a two and a half square meter cuarto amublado in DF.

  • El resto del tiempo pasamos a tercer o cuarto término.

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