• (noun): A cult, especially a religious one.

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  • (noun): a system of religious beliefs and rituals; "devoted to the cultus of the Blessed Virgin"

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Cultus may refer to:

Cult (religious practice)
Cultus Bay, a bay in Washington
Cultus Lake (disambiguation)
Cultus River, a river in Oregon
Suzuki Cultus, model of an automobile

Example Sentences

  • And of that opinion, the external signs appearing in the words and actions of men are called worship; which is one part of that which the Latins understand by the word cultus: for cultus signifieth properly, and constantly, that labour which a man bestows on anything with a purpose to make benefit by it.

  • But the inward thoughts of men, which appear outwardly in their words and actions, are the signs of our honouring, and these go by the name of worship; in Latin, cultus.

  • She was never formally canonized but her cultus was approved by Pope Leo XIII.

  • Apparently through all traditional time their cultus has been the rudest and most primitive form of nature-worship, the attaching of

  • The head of the cultus is the head of the whole; the high priest takes the place of the king.

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