• (verb-transitive): To make or alter to individual or personal specifications: customize a van.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (verb): make according to requirements; "customize a car"
  • (verb): make to specifications; "I had this desk custom-made for me"

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Example Sentences

  • The idea behind this pendant lamp, which comes flat-packed and ready to customize, is simple: leaf-like petals surround a central fixture and can be moved and arranged to suit individual tastes and lighting strategies — fan the petals out completely for maximum illumination, or stagger for more shade.

  • This opens a new window called customize toolbar which contains some elements that can be placed in the toolbars.

  • And had I used the "customize" feature to further restrict access to my news feed, she might never might have known I was on the Cape.

  • Dave's next blog will detail how to "customize" your grandpas heirloom Parker.

  • In XP you select the Startr Menu tab then the "customize" button.

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