• (verb): Third-person singular simple present indicative form of customize.

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Example Sentences

  • And they do add to job seekers' impression that submitting applications online is largely futile, even after that person customizes a résumé for a job that seems a natural fit.

  • The company said demand for the exclusive Rolls-Royce Bespoke program, which customizes the cars according to the buyer's wishes, was on a record level.

  • Its technology, which customizes radio stations for listeners based on music they like, had attracted 34 million active users as of April.

  • Pandora, which customizes songs according to the listener preference for genres and styles, faces growing competition from services like Spotify and traditional radio broadcasters' online offerings.

  • It customizes a social media and mobile strategy to build crowds, promote and monitor conversations around their brand, and executes on a 12-month campaign pre and post-book launch to maximize transactions of the book, derivative products, and author engagements.

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