• (noun): Plural form of cytokeratin.

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Example Sentences

  • This finding agrees with reports in the literature on co-expression of cytokeratins and vimentin in adult human discs.

  • Some cytokeratins in this group are specifically expressed during embryonic and tadpole development in the frog, and they were useful as epidermal markers, which we explored in work involving

  • No I am not talking about patterns of expression of trichocytic and epithelial cytokeratins!

  • Immunohistochemically, the giant cell sarcomatoid element was positive for various kinds of cytokeratins and vimentin while the squamous and transitional cell carcinoma elements were positive for various kinds of cytokeratins and negative for vimentin.

  • Interestingly, in PC3 cells many epithelial markers including E-cadherin and the cytokeratins KRT4 and KRT5 were also significantly downregulated, and the mesenchymal markers including N-cadherin were also upregulated.

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