• (noun): The process of declassifying, process of making non-restricted.
  • (noun): An instance of the declassifying process.

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  • (noun): reduction or removal by the government of restrictions on a classified document or weapon

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Declassification is the process of documents that used to be classified as secret ceasing to be so restricted, often under the principle of freedom of information. Procedures for declassification vary by country. Papers may be withheld without being classified as secret, and eventually made available.

Example Sentences

  • 2. If the President directed the action and it is properly classified as declassification, then does the PRes have the authority to declassify THE NIE?

  • OpenTheGovernment. org's 40+ page report (PDF) touches on digital issues, such as declassification of emails and the Open Government Directive project, but mainly sticks to issues like FOIA, FISA, executive privilege, and whistleblower protection.

  • Over at the Left Coaster, eRiposte takes apart the notion that this "declassification" was in any way intended to benefit the public.

  • That's why it's important that reporters press the White House on the specifics of Bush's "declassification" order.

  • And why, if the "declassification" process was so legal and on the up and up did the President, the Veep and Libby keep that fact from the rest of the staff — including cabinet level officials who were later asked to re-declassify the very same sections of the NIE?

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