• (verb): Third-person singular simple present indicative form of degenerate.

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Example Sentences

  • He accepted the burdens of the presidency at a time when the economy was in danger of degenerating from a recession into a depression and assumed complete responsibility of a cynical, disillusioned country under the most unenviable of circumstances.

  • Organisation of South Africa said the ANC was "degenerating".

  • Weber described the attributes of an ideal bureaucracy and possible "degenerating" influences - such as any system of promotion not based wholly on merit.

  • Also, watch for the Uroboros to do a little "degenerating" attack, where it will dissipate completely, and suddenly rebuild itself close to you.

  • It took me back to my late teens and early twenties, when the issue of "women's rights" did seem very pressing, and was the stimulus for many a late-night heated conversation (usually a group, and quite often degenerating into complaints about how someone's boyfriend didn't do the washing up).

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