• (verb): To condemn openly.

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Example Sentences

  • Sexual harassment is a serious problem and often the injured party can not denunciate.

  • It would be so much nobler (we are tempted to think) to stand up and protest and denunciate; to throw gloom and dissension into a happy home and wreck (if you are the affectionate son I believe you to be) your own happiness, not to speak of usefulness.

  • 'Montroymont,' the curate said, 'the deil's in 't but I'll have to denunciate your leddy again.'

  • In the field of musical history especially, 'a little 'knowledge has proved 'a dangerous thing;' for, where slight descriptions exist of instruments of music, latitude is left for every writer to form his own theory, to fight for it, and denunciate those who differ from it.

  • Brazilian government enforces that consulates and embassies do not denunciate Brazilians living abroad illegally.

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