• (noun): One who disbelieves, one who does not believe.

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Example Sentences

  • He is a disbeliever, which is just as bad as being a believer.

  • It must be noted that he had had fairly extensive experience of spiritualism; he had made regular experiments with Mrs. Haydon at his brother George's house (the paper on which these are recorded is undated, but it must have been before 1863); he was referred to as a disbeliever in an article in the "Pall Mall Gazette" during January

  • Instead, the man seeking to rescue the children and his fellow citizens from inhumane conditions has been called a disbeliever on national TV.

  • In a televised session, extremist members of Parliament labeled Mr. Hasid a "disbeliever".

  • Everybody right now is a disbeliever in the market, and that will set the context for the next year, but it may not be all that bad, said Vikas Khemani , head of institutional equities at Edelweiss Securities.

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