• (verb): Simple past tense and past participle of distribute.

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  • (adjective): spread out or scattered about or divided up

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Example Sentences

  • In all these cases, what the term distributed adds to the substantive to which it is related, is the idea that it has to be considered as a web of interconnected, autonomous elements, i.e. elements that are capable of acting autonomously, being, at the same time, highly connected with the other elements of the system.

  • A part of what we do at the MIT Leadership Center is think about people who are not just great individuals themselves but create what we call distributed leadership within their organizations.

  • These types of what they call distributed denial of service attacks involve using thousands, sometimes tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide that could be anything from the bank that you do business with to your parent ` s home PC that are compromised and, without their knowing, used basically as zombies or launch pads in these types of global attacks.

  • He writes, "Perhaps all these Democrats are wrong to think that there is an advantage for their party in what I call distributed vote fraud, but I doubt it."

  • Again in IO or OI premisses there is only one term distributed, namely, the predicate of the O proposition.

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