• (noun): Edema. No longer in scientific use.

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  • (noun): swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities

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Example Sentences

  • I have seen in dropsy, and in some fevers; but it is also observable, that many who have exerted much voluntary effort during their whole lives, have continued active to great age.

  • Jesus was on the watch as well, having noticed a man who had a condition known as dropsy.

  • For sentiment is like another complaint mentioned by Horace, as increasing by self-indulgence (I am sorry to say, ladies, that the complaint in question is called the dropsy), and the more you cry, the more you will be able and desirous to do so.

  • If a man thus falls into sickness and cold, he is sometimes caught by dropsy, that is to say, he has an inclination towards the outward possession of earthly things.

  • -- This condition, sometimes incorrectly called dropsy of the testicle, consists in an excessive accumulation of natural secretion within one of the coverings of the testicle.

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