• (adjective): Other; different: Ask somebody else.
  • (adjective): Additional; more: Would you like anything else?
  • (adverb): In a different or additional time, place, or manner: I always do it this way and I don't know how else it could be done. Where else do you want to go besides Miami?
  • (adverb): If not; otherwise: Be careful, or else you will make a mess.
  • (idiom): or else Regardless of any extenuating circumstances: Be there on time or else!

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Example Sentences

  • We had to go pick up papers, fill out papers, sign papers, drop off papers, stand in lines, walk here, walk there, wait somewhere else, pay for something else…

  • And Mr. Harvey, who thought something else, thought _something else_.

  • Your brothers may have their own business to mind, Mr. Kenyon is at New York, we will suppose; here am I-- what else, _what else_ makes me count my cleverness to you, as I know I have done more than once, by word and letter, but the real wish to be set at work?

  • And, therefore, in the _infancy of learning_, and in rude times, when those conceptions which are now trivial, were then new, _the world was full of parables and similitudes_, for else would men either have passed over _without mark, or else_ REJECTED FOR PARADOXES, that which was offered _before they had understood or judged_.

  • It is very easy to say _something else -- something else_.

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