• (noun): The act or art of emblazoning.
  • (noun): Colorful or prominent decoration, especially heraldic decoration.

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Example Sentences

  • Lord of Douglas, who had lately died a prisoner in England; around that escutcheon were placed the smaller shields of his sixteen ancestors, and a deep black shadow was diffused by the whole mass, unless where relieved by the glance of the coronets, or the glimmer of bearings particularly gay in emblazonry.

  • Indeed, I reserve the rest of the piece until I can obtain admission to the Bannatine Club, 13 when I propose to throw off an edition, limited according to the rules of that erudite Society, with a facsimile of the manuscript, emblazonry of the family arms surrounded by their quartering, and a handsome disclamation of family pride, with HAEC NOS NOVIMUS ESSE

  • The banners of the knights of the garter, and their half drawn swords, were hung in vain emblazonry above the stalls.

  • Halton family who resided at the Manor-House became its spoiler; for, desiring to build himself a house at the foot of the high hill upon which the mansion stands, he pulled down and unroofed part of the fine old structure -- so that the hall, with its proud emblazonry of the

  • In quiet but vigilant emblazonry, it seemed to stand apart, like some far back member of the family in whose pride it shared.

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